Quality Savanna Genetics in the Upstate

Red Hill’s Herd Sires (All our breeding stock is dna-ed full blood savannas)

ITG C-32 “OK Joe” Born 4/16/15,Sire- MGF Comanche 78, Dam-ITG Z27  (sold, gone to Florida)

ITG C83 Sire-Atlas, Dam- MGF 58ET (SOLD & GONE TO OK)

                           IS 865E Sire-MGF Abraham 98, Dam-MGF 208 Rebekah (sold & gone to Alabama)

ITG C32- Sire-MGF  Comanche 78 (sold and gone to Florida)



ITG C-83- Born 5/12/15,Sire- ITG Atlas, Dam-MGF 58ET (SOLD & GONE TO OK)