Quality Savanna Genetics in the Upstate

Red Hill Farm’s Does (All our breeding stock is dna-ed full blood savannas)

RHG G6 born 3/4/17, Sire-Iron Star 549B, Dam-GS Amy


RHG G28 born 3/22/17, Sire-ITG C32, Dam-ITG C76

RHG F9 born 2/17/16, Sire- Iron Star 549B, Dam-GCS Heidi

RHG F19 born 2/21/16, Sire-GCS Blake, Dam-RHG C17

GS Amy born 5/20/15, Sire-GS Ice Man, Dam-Switch Grass Doe (sold gone to NC)

ITG C76 born 5/4/15, Sire-Southern Savanna Atlas, Dam-MGF 267

RHG G1 born 1/2/17,Sire- Mincey Goat Farm 101, Dam-RHG C18

ITG C74 born 5/4/15,Sire-Mincey Goat Farm 113, Dam-XG savannah 438